Administrative-territorial division: Republic

Capital: Yoshkar-Ola. Distance to Moscow - 862 km.

Official Languages: Mari (mountain and meadow) and Russian

Population: 692.4 thousand people. on 01.01.2012 (of which 441.5 thousand - urban, 250.9 thousand - Rural)

Population density: 29.6 people. per 1 square km.

Characteristics of the population:
Mari: 41.8%
Russian: 45.1%
Tatars: 5.5%
other nationalities of the Russian Federation - the Chuvash, Udmurt, Mordovians, Ukrainians, etc. (over 50 nations): 7.6%

Territory: 23.4 thousand square kilometers. (57% - forests, 38.9% - agricultural land, 1% - swamps, 3% - water)
large and small rivers - 476.
major rivers - 11.
large lakes - over 200.

Geographical description (administrative units):
cities of republican subordination 3
cities of district subordination: 1
rural areas: 1597

Climate: moderate continental with long cold winters and warm summers. The average summer temperature is +18, +20 C. The hottest weather - in the middle of July. The air is heated to +34, +38 C. In autumn the weather is cold and wet with a predominance of strong chilly winds and rains. Possible early frost and snow. November - the windiest month. Winter usually starts in November. Average winter temperature: -18, -19 C. The coldest month - January. Mari El Republic - a great place for winter sports: skiing, skating. Spring is generally cool and dry.

The public authorities of the Republic of Mari El

Legislature: legislative authority of the Republic of Mari El is the State Assembly. Consists of 52 deputies. 26 deputies are elected in single-seat constituencies, 26 elected in the Republican constituency in proportion to the number of votes for lists of candidates put forward by the electoral associations. Elected for a term of 5 years.

The head of Mari El. Executive branch: Chief of Mari El is the highest official of the Republic and head of the executive power of the Republic. The head of Mari El generates the highest executive body of state power - the Government of Mari El Republic . Term of office of the Head of the Republic of Mari El-five years.

Cultural activities

Major museums

State symbols of the Mari El Republic

State Emblem of Mari El
State Emblem of Mari El

The National Flag of Mari El
 National Flag of Mari El